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Chicago, IL Mechanical – Boiler Service, Maintenance & Emergency Repairs

Industrial Access Mechanical performs ground-level repairs and mechanical services for industrial facilities in Chicago IL, Cicero IL, Des Plaines IL, Evanston IL, Oak Lawn IL, and surrounding towns and communities.

Industrial Access Mechanical Overview

At Industrial Access Mechanical, we provide expertise in plant maintenance, electrical services, boiler repair, vessel repair, and several other complex solutions. Serving Chicago, IL, and the surrounding area, we pride ourselves on leaving companies with the best possible performance levels along with minimal downtime required to solve the issue. We are experienced in fixing minor or major issues or assist with routine maintenance that may be needed.

We are experienced with all types of boilers, waste fuel, coal, gas, biomass, bark, chemical recovery, stokers, utility, recovery, auxiliary, package, pharmaceutical boilers, and many more. Many of these are a source of corrosive or erosive gases that can have long-term effects on equipment. There are also federal regulations that need to be met by factories which often require flue gas desulfurization scrubbers to minimize environmental effects. We work on all parts of this system to ensure factories can operate at maximum capacity with no regulation issues.

Services We Offer

If your equipment is ready for an upgrade, but can’t delay everyday facility needs, we can also assist in retrofitting and reconditioning quickly. Boilers, specifically, require more care as they age when it comes to updating to higher standards of efficiency or capacity. Also, the more frequently you update your boiler, the lower the chance of costly repairs so it’s beneficial to stay on top of it.

bark boiler maintenance in Chicago IL

bark boiler inspection & maintenance in Chicago IL

We carefully decide the correct steps for your facility and get your plant back up and running quickly by providing expert design, inspection, maintenance, and repair services for the industrial market in Chicago, IL, and the surrounding area. Any maintenance plan that we design for clients is custom to the exact needs of their plant. Regular maintenance helps to prevent potential costly emergency repairs. However, we also specialize in emergency boiler repairs if you have a problem that requires fast care.

biomass boiler welding in Chicago IL

Current Clients

We have extensive experience with a wide range of different types of power systems and boilers. We work with clients in industries like power generation, pulp & paper, refinery, manufacturing, cement, lime, steel & metals, petrochemicals, mining & minerals, and food & beverage plants. Our industrial clients include International Paper, Cargill, Johnson Controls, Georgia Pacific, Cemex, Mead Westvaco, Weyerhaeuser, NRG Energy, along many others.

If you are in the Chicago, IL area and are experiencing issues, please do not hesitate to contact us to find out how Industrial Access can help your facility get running as usual. We recognize the importance of minimal downtime to make sure that business is back to usual quickly, so we ensure fast and quality work. No matter what your facility needs, our team can help you get back to running as usual.

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