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IA Mechanical FRP Repairs

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) structures are state-of-the-art and designed to last for decades with minimal maintenance requirements. The material properties in fiberglass ensure that FRP tanks, liners, and other industrial structures are corrosion resistant, lightweight, mechanically strong, and able to withstand extremely high temperatures. With a reputation for low maintenance and relatively stable cost, FRP provides plant owners with a reliable, cost-effective alternative that can be employed in numerous industrial applications from scrubbers and stack liners to piping and wastewater treatment. The team at Industrial Access Mechanical offers FRP Repair services to facilities across North America.

Our FRP repair capabilities range from pipe overwrap & upgrades, ducts, liners, piping, and more. Field fabrication and 24-hour emergency repair services are available.

FRP Liner Repair

Liners made of fiberglass reinforced plastic are the top choice for long-term solutions because they provide superior corrosion resistance in wet acid and elevated chloride environments. Whether you need a full FRP liner installation or simply an inspection or repair service, contact IA Mechanical for help.

frp repair in the US

FRP Duct Repair

Engineered for each specific application, FRP ducts provide material integrity, durability, versatility, and ease of use, plus exceptional protection from corrosion and condensation. Since FRP ducts can be used underground or aboveground and can carry vapors or liquids, they will need regular inspections and repair services to ensure these essential components are in good working order.

FRP Tank Repair

Custom-engineered to the size and specs needed, FRP tanks are becoming more and more popular with facility owners for the storage of chemicals or corrosive materials. IA can provide fiberglass tank relining, FRP tank inspections and maintenance, as well as tank nozzle repair and replacement.

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic stack repair

Contact our pros today for a no-obligation FRP project evaluation and quote at 770-255-1388 or visit www.iamechanical.com. We regularly work for the power generation, pulp & paper, cement, heavy industrial, and manufacturing sectors and have a great track record of high quality, reliable work at a fair price.

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