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IA Specialty Multi-Craft Biomass & Bark Boiler Repair

biomass boiler repair from highly trained engineers

Serving plants and facilities all across North & South America, Industrial Access Specialty Multi-craft has over 20 years of experience with biomass and bark boiler stack repairs, maintenance, and service. Whether you need assistance with a planned outage or require an emergency response team, you can count on us. Our team of engineers & SPRAT certified Rope Access technicians provide high-quality inspections, general maintenance initiatives, complete interior & exterior restoration, and repair services for difficult-to-access biomass and bark boiler stacks.

Biomass Boiler Stacks

The height and location of a facility’s biomass boiler stack can make it a challenge to provide repair and inspection services. Our specialized experience in rope access and high-elevation work allows us to safely perform our work at heights, often in situations with complications or interferences that are cost prohibitive or physically impractical for conventional approaches like scaffolding or heavy machinery.

Bark Boiler Stacks

Bark Boilers are a critical component of many Pulp & Paper mills. These mills generally include several chimneys and stacks that must be inspected and maintained. Because these facilities must continue operating at a very high rate of efficiency, it’s important to choose a company that can provide quick and efficient service to keep downtime to a minimum. IA Specialty Multi-craft offers design, inspection, maintenance and repair services for bark boiler stacks in heavy industrial or manufacturing sectors.

Our team provides custom engineered solutions for structures at height including chimneys, stacks, and ducts. We offer 24-hour emergency service and preventative maintenance plans for biomass and bark boiler stacks and are a Single Source Solution for many industrial facilities. Contact us at 770-255-1313 to speak with our work-at-height experts today. We are OSHA compliant, fully licensed, bonded and insured.

Bark Boiler Emergency Inspection

bark boiler repair

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