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Scrubber Stack Repair & Maintenance – Troubleshooting & Inspection

Smoke stack scrubbers are a relatively new part of industrial exhaust systems as environmental regulations have created tighter laws on how much air pollution a plant can produce. The goal is to remove harmful contaminants, carbon dioxide, sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, acids, aerosolized metal oxides and other dangerous organics from a plant’s exhaust system.

Scrubber stack repair and maintenance may be necessary over the course of several years, and Industrial Access, Inc., is the team you can count on. A smokestack scrubber that is not properly maintained will not only become inefficient; it will become a breeding ground for bacteria. Filters and material collection components should be emptied and replaced as necessary. Scrubbers can also suffer from high levels of corrosion and produce slurry waste streams which tend to be more of a hassle to recycle and dispose of.

Scrubber chimney maintenance and Repair services include:

  • EPA Mandated Inspections
  • Troubleshooting
  • Calibration
  • Installation & Decommissioning of Equipment
  • Preventative Maintenance

smoke stack scrubber

Scrubber stack repair and maintenance

Scrubber Stack System Installation & Maintenance

Although the EPA focuses most of its emission rules on coal power plants and the energy industry, any plant / facility that has a high-emission fuel source, including natural gas, coal, or trash, will need to have some version of a scrubber or scrubber system installed. We can provide a custom-engineered solution for the installation of a new scrubber smokestack system or maintenance and troubleshooting of current air pollution control devices attached to industrial chimneys.

scrubber stack inspection and repair

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