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  • Exterior tuckpointing & crack repairs
  • Cleaning & coating exterior bands & cap
  • Exterior washdown & waterproofing
  • Interior base & duct cleanout
  • Interior gunite flash coat application


Client’s 110’ brick chimney had undergone an inspection and was showing signs of deterioration in exterior brickwork mortar and concrete cap, failing coating on tension bands, and areas of missing liner in the interior. Industrial Access was contracted to perform the recommended repairs to problem areas to improve the stack’s structural integrity and extend its useful life.


Project completed in under two weeks


Completed during a pre-scheduled outage


Completed without any near misses or safety incidents


A hospital in the northeastern United States was operating a 110’-tall brick chimney that was due for exterior masonry and interior liner repairs. Industrial Access (IA) had previously performed an interior and exterior drone inspection on the chimney to determine the condition and propose a preventive maintenance strategy to prolong the life of the structure. The stack had suffered inevitable wear-and-tear, particularly evident in the top sections of the chimney where deterioration, cracking, and missing bricks were observed.


To perform the needed repairs, a man-basket was utilized to enable 360’ access to the entire height of the chimney as well as the interior. IA engineers and technicians are experts in providing rigging, rope techniques, and unique access solutions for industrial work at height, fitted to any situation at hand.


Firstly, IA crew addressed the defects in exterior brickwork. Any missing, loose, or cracked mortar joints were carefully repaired in the most degraded upper 10’ section of the chimney. Failed mortar was removed, joints prepared and filled with new mortar. Any vertical cracks present in the rest of the stack were raked out and filled with repair mortar as well. The deteriorated concrete cap was reinforced with more mortar and covered in protective coating to mitigate corrosion and provide waterproofing.

Next, the exterior tension bands were exhibiting signs of failed coating, so IA thoroughly cleaned all of the bands, replaced the worn caulking with new caulk, and applied a protective coating to prevent corrosion. The crew then power-washed the exterior surface of the chimney to eliminate buildup and surface contaminants in preparation for waterproofing. The waterproofing sealant was applied to the entire stack exterior. To complete exterior repairs, the Lighting Protection System (LPS) was upgraded by replacing the four lightning rods at the top of the structure, removing existing LPS components and installing new ones.

Inside the chimney, IA observed accumulated fly ash debris at the base of the stack as well as its breeching duct, so the buildup was removed. Since the stack interior also had areas of missing liner with rebar and masonry exposed, IA power washed the interior surface and applied a chemical-resistant gunite flash coat to address voids and cracks in the liner.


The repairs and maintenance were completed successfully and on time, making sure that the chimney will continue to operate safely and effectively, protected against its harsh environmental conditions. Brick stacks are susceptible to moisture damage, so they should be regularly inspected and maintained to prevent extensive damage due to normal usage. Industrial Access can provide all the necessary expertise and capabilities to ensure optimal performance of your facility’s industrial assets.

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