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Silo Cleanout Services / Inspection / Repair

Need cleaning, inspection, or repair service for coal silos? Large facilities across the nation trust in the team of Industrial Access, Inc., for coal silo inspection, coal silo cleaning, silo failure repairs / demolition / rebuilding, and coating applications. IA can safely and efficiently solve two major concerns with coal silos - production down time and lost storage capacity. Not only can we clean storage silos with coal buildup, we can provide inspection and repair services to ensure your coal silos are safe and efficient.

coal silo cleaning and repair

Coal Silo Failure

Coal silo collapse can and does happen. The most recent incidents happened only 8 months apart. Many times, a coal silo failure happens when the cone-to-skirt weld gives out, spilling hundreds of tons of coal onto facility grounds and putting workers at risk for serious harm or death. Having regular inspections, along with cleaning services and non-destructive testing, can ensure that coal silos are safe and structurally stable.

Our rope access team and engineer project managers can identify associated risks and prepare a mitigation plan to decrease and eliminate threats to both resources and worker safety. We will:

  • Evaluate existing coal silo structures and develop NDT and inspection techniques that will be effective and accurate
  • Develop a plan to avoid catastrophic failures and production outages
  • Perform engineer assessments to determine structural stability
  • Prepare and implement a repair, demolition, or reinstallation plan

professional coal silo repair

The engineers at Industrial Access, Inc., have the knowledge, experience, and state-of-the-art analytical equipment to investigate coal silo failures, as well as the capability to design and install coal silo components or upgrades to help prevent failures in the future.

Whether your coal silo is experiencing cracking, partial collapse, full collapse, or other structural failures, we can help. Our team is also an invaluable resource for preventative inspections, cleanings, and repairs for coal silos and other storage containment units at coal-fired plant facilities.

You can contact the rope access team at Industrial Access, Inc., to find out how we can maintain your coal silos to be safe, structurally sound, and effective storage units. We understand the need for little to no down time to ensure that production schedules and goals are met. From silo cleaning services, coal silo inspections, coal silo failure investigations, to coal silo repair and rebuilding services, our team is always ready to help.

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