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Safety Ladders

Custom-Engineered Industrial Safety Ladder Design & Build

& At IA Mechanical, we customize many components needed at factories and plants. Regardless of the specifications that may be required at the plant, we can design and build a custom solution. Everything from space restrictions to equipment type and beyond is considered. One component we specialize in is safety ladders and all pieces necessary for operation.

safety ladder and platform installed

A vital component of work sites, plants, and factories are safety ladders. No situation requires the same ladder, so we make sure to work with each client to determine the right solution. Not only do we work with you from the beginning for full builds, but we can also work on existing products that need alterations or upgrades. Our expert team at IA Mechanical will work together to create the best plan for you.

Building the Correct Safety Ladder

There are several factors when it comes to building and designing safety ladders for a factory or plant. A few main factors we consider are:

  • Height & Clearance – taking into consideration OSHA requirements
  • Material type – typically steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and non-metallic
  • Step treads – many different materials are available to customize to your factories needs
  • Finish type – ranging from enamel (standard), galvanized steel, mill finish, powder-coated, or electropolished
  • Several different locking mechanisms
  • Style configurations – rolling, cantilever, crossover, folding, retractable, and fixed

Beyond the factors above, you can also customize handrails, casters, bumpers, and even assembly options. Since there are many combinations that people can choose, we make sure to help our clients determine the perfect combination for their factories.

Why Choose IA Mechanical?


Safety is the most important aspect when it comes to factory components. Keeping employees safe and secure should be primary when implementing a new product in a factory – especially when it’s something as crucial as safety ladders. We make sure to meet and exceed all OSHA safety standards.

safety ladder OSHA safety standard

Quick & Easy Maintenance

Our custom-designed safety ladders allow for easy and safe cleaning. Our engineers consider all factors when building out a designer to create the best experience for our clients.


Second, only to safety, we prioritize quality components that will last the test of time. High-quality materials ensure that our safety ladders will last. Our safety ladders will outperform our competitors’ products as well.


Durable components don’t have to mean a costly install or build the quote, either. We carefully pick materials that balance quality and affordability while staying within your budget. Safety ladders can be customized to the level you desire.

If you need assistance with safety ladders or components related to this at your factory or plant, call IA Mechanical today. We prioritize durability for all of our products, so safety is never a concern as they are built to last. We value minimal downtime and offer many years of experience for all of our projects to save you money and time, without sacrificing the quality of service.

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