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Chemicals & Refinery – Smoke Stack / Industrial Chimney

Chemical & Refinery Plant MaintenanceGas, Petroleum & Chemical Plants offer particular challenges for maintenance and repair. Industrial Access is able to repair & maintain many structures within a Chemical Plant or Refinery, including industrial chimneys or smokestacks. We can assure that all inspections and repairs are performed to the highest of standards and within budget & time constraints so that operations can remain on schedule.

Our innovative rope access techniques allow us to work in the most challenging circumstances, such as performing pre-turnaround tasks with plants online, then working 24 hours a day until the project is complete.  IA experts are here to engineer a custom solution for every situation and perform maintenance, repairs, and services on a number of Chemical Plant & Refinery structures including Flare Stacks, Steel Boiler Stacks, Concrete Chimneys, Silos, Derricks, and Pipe Bridges and supports.

Our crew will also inspect and maintain Safety Platforms, Ladders and Access Platforms, and repair or install Lighting & Lightning Protection systems on structures including Vacuum Towers and Crude Heaters, Catalytic Cracking Units, Coking Units, Sulfur Recovery Units, and other refinery process equipment.

Here are some rope access services we provide for Chemical Plants & Refineries:

  • Safety Platforms, Ladders and access repair on Vacuum Towers and Crude Heaters
  • Lighting and lightning protection repair, replacement and installation on all tall structures
  • Industrial Chimneys and Smokestacks inspections & cleanings
  • Concrete, Steel, FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) structure, chimney and stack inspection and repair
  • Ductwork & Breaching inspection and repair
  • Coatings, painting and surface reconditioning- Scale & Rust removal and surface preparation
  • PMI(positive material identification) inspections for carbon steel pipes

Industrial Access offers inspection, testing and preventative maintenance techniques including:

Non Destructive Testing (NDT) – IA uses NDT methods such as Ultrasonic Thickness Testing, Schmidt Hammer Testing, Laser Surveys, and Hot Camera Inspections. Ultrasonic Thickness testing is the most popular choice for NDT methods and is used to help determine the structural integrity of industrial structures without damaging the material or composition.

Petrographic Testing – Petrographic testing methods use material samples or borings to determine the strength or integrity of concrete, brick or other industrial structures. Samples are sent off for laboratory examination.

Infrared Thermography – This method identifies leakages of heat that may occur at welds, couplings, valves, junctions or connections within structures, piping, ductwork, breaching or stack construction. Identifying & repairing these vulnerabilities early can prevent outages and plant shutdowns which can be more costly and time consuming.

Contact IA today to find out more about our Chemical & Refinery services: 877-697-9337 | 770-255-1313 – info@industrialaccess.com


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