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Increasing Inspection Capabilities with Drones

Drone Inspection Services

Credit: Flyability.com ELIOS Drone

Drone technology is increasing in popularity in industrial inspection applications and it’s not hard to see why. While conventional methods like rope access are still required for to perform repairs & maintenance, preliminary inspection can be performed at lower cost, risk, and infrastructure downtime, making drones an integral part of our inspection services. Industrial Access, Inc. has invested in the ELIOS drone which is a collision-tolerant UAV and features on board LED lighting, HD & Thermal Imagery cameras for crystal clear video recording, a live video feed, as well as a post-mission data review.

Upon arrival at your plant or facility, our team will deploy the ELIOS drone in just a matter of minutes. Using the ELIOS ground station, our trained drone pilot will navigate ELIOS around your industrial chimney, smokestack, or structure, capturing photos, live video feed, and thermal imagery. By remotely identifying problem areas, deficiencies, or points of weakness, our inspectors will be able to focus their work to create a custom engineered solution and limit time on-the-ropes to only those areas of concern. Rather than searching for a needle in a haystack, we have a “map” to tell us exactly what needs to be done and where.

We have utilized rope access methods for inspections and repair & maintenance services for decades due to the benefits of cost reduction, speed, and safety. Using drones is just a natural extension of what we already provide. The ELIOS drone allows our crew to deliver low-altitude, high resolution imagery and maps to clients in a fast, safe, and effective manner. We no longer have to scale towers, smokestacks, and chimneys to look over every inch of a structure. Instead, we use the photos, video feed and thermal imagery from the preliminary drone inspection to create work plan that reduces our time on the ropes. Drone preliminary inspections save money, reduce downtime, and increase safety of both our rope access crew and the workers at the facility.

If you’d like to know how to save time & money with our ELIOS drone inspection services, contact one of IA’s team members at 770-255-1313 today. We can discuss the benefits to your facility and maintenance budget and provide excellent solutions for even the most challenging of spaces.

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