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Rope Access for More Than Just Industrial Chimneys & Stacks

rope access solutionsWhile facilities across the nation call on us to use our innovative, quick, and cost-saving rope access methods to inspect, repair, and paint industrial chimneys & smokestacks, our capabilities stretch far beyond just these structures. Steel bridge & tower refurbishment, gantry cranes, hydro dams, lighthouses, radio towers, and tall buildings all pose challenges when it comes to accessing the structure for repairs or inspections. The rope access engineered solutions we are able to provide allow us to quickly mobilize, assess repair and maintenance needs, and complete the projects with minimum to no downtime and with less cost requirements than traditional means of access.

The development of rope access for industrial services like structural inspections,  repair, and painting & restoration has not only increased safety standards for the technicians working at height, but it also provides a cost-effective way for companies to deal with issues on large, inaccessible structures like bridges, dams, domed roofs, towers, architecturally unique buildings and more. Rope access work also saves a considerable amount of time when compared to traditional scaffolding, especially when scaffolding still won’t provide the necessary access to hard-to-reach locations. These innovative methods answer the need for a simple, safe, and adaptable way to reach challenging locations.

Industrial Access is capable of utilizing rope access methods to complete a wide range of services like inspections and repairs on tall or industrial structures worldwide. From corrosion control on pipes to gantry crane inspections & repair and even coating & liner applications for tanks, silos and vessels, rope access is the safest, most cost-efficient and quickest way to complete maintenance projects on industrial structures of all construction styles and heights.

Intricate structural steel bridges, ship loader tower cradles & booms and derrick structures are perfect examples of non-venting system structures that can be restored, inspected, or maintained with rope access methods. When it comes to tanks, silos, and vessels, Industrial Access offers cleaning, coating & painting, maintenance, and repair services in a range of industries. We can also help improve the efficiency of your plant by inspecting, cleaning and repairing your breaching ducts.

While IA has performed hundreds of maintenance and repair projects for industrial chimneys and smokestacks, we have expanded our capabilities to include work on a range of facilities and structures including tanks, vessels, silos, ductwork, structural steel, pipe bridges and other plant components.

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