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Rope Access for Special Jobs

industrial chimney demolition with rope accessRope access is a great option when it comes to performing jobs at height or in difficult spaces. Where other methods such as scaffolding or heavy machinery require a lot of time, money & space, rope access provides a quick & cost-effective solution that can save facility owners money and prevent outages for extended periods of time.

Whether you require routine maintenance like inspections & repairs or a more specialized solution like stack demolition or rigging & lifting, rope access answers the need for innovative methods that are simple, safe, and able to reach challenging locations.

Maintenance of Tall Structures

Manufacturing plants, refineries, paper mills, and power generation plants all have large structures that are unique to the type of production performed at each facility. Utilizing rope access methods to access these structures for maintenance, repairs, or inspections allows our highly trained crew to complete your project quickly, safely, and with way less time or money needed. Beyond just typical plant chimneys, stacks, kilns, and cooling towers, our specialists are also equipped to handle other large structures like bridges, dams, church steeples, light houses, radio towers and more.


The demolition of an industrial chimney or smokestack is a tricky task that requires specialized skills and techniques that will protect surrounding structures and minimize disruption to facility operations. Confined spaces are often a challenge for many facilities and our team of highly-trained rope access technicians can offer piece by piece removal to protect other buildings and prevent damage to surrounding spaces. We use rope access methods & rigging equipment to remove structures where large construction equipment cannot access. Not only is this method quicker & more cost than traditional explosives and heavy equipment, it is also safer and often less invasive to production schedules.

industrial chimney rigging and liftingRigging & Lifting

If your facility has some heavy lifting to do, rope access combined with our top-of-the-line rigging equipment can help you move large or cumbersome debris with ease. The innovative techniques create an adaptable method that is safe for rigging & lifting in dangerous or hazardous environments. Demolition, welding, dismantling, and fabrication can all present difficult lifting challenges that our rope access technicians and engineers can handle quickly, no matter how complex or critical the lift may be. We work in a number of challenging locations where helicopters and cranes cannot maneuver. Our practical methods are perfect for collapsed smokestacks, debris removal, and more.


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