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Creating a Culture of On-Site Safety with Rope Access

Safety and Rope Access RepairsWhile safety is of extreme importance in any workplace, it is of absolute necessity for jobs at great height, in confined spaces, or in hazardous environments. When the decisions of crew members can cause severe injury or even death, creating a culture of safety is crucial. Our industrial rope access crew members often work on tall, hard to reach structures or in confined spaces so we actively employ risk management tactics to ensure that our technicians are safe and your assets are protected from damage.

Industrial Access, Inc. strives to create a culture of safety on every project we perform and complete. Not only do we seek out and use the industry’s best practices to ensure those standards are met or exceeded; we also have regular training courses for each and every team member that will be in the field. Our company is responsive to regulations that are designed to reduce or eliminate danger and our continuing education for safety protocol means we are always in practice of the most up-to-date safety standards.

Our goal is to also empower workers to identify & voice concerns in regards to any safety issues they may encounter on site. Being actively engaged is important to safety culture and helps our crews put together a solid and proven system for acting upon those concerns. Our engineers and project managers create safety plans and design the necessary framework for each and every project we perform so our rope access technicians utilize our innovative methods to complete jobs safely with quick turnaround.

Ultimately, we create and foster a safety culture to ensure that no one gets hurts when working on tall industrial chimneys, smokestacks, towers, or tanks, or in confined spaces like breaching ducts. We often find ourselves in challenging locations that are hazardous, high angle, or exposed, so being “safe” is more than just making sure our equipment is up-to-date and assembled correctly. Our employees thrive on making hazardous situations like these safe so work can be completed quickly and within strict time constraints.

One of the benefits of using rope access for industrial maintenance is the ability to mobilize quickly and finish projects with as little downtime as possible. Rope access allows us to repair and inspect structures much quicker than traditional means like scaffolding or using heavy machinery. This also helps us keep the cost down. Just because we work fast, doesn’t mean we compromise safety. In fact, rope access is one of the safest means of providing maintenance and repair services period.

Contact our rope access experts today to find out how we can provide effective, safe solutions for your plant or facility.

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