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Safety Myths about Rope Access

Industrial chimney & smokestack inspections and repairs can be performed a number of ways. Some methods include heavy equipment; others include scaffolding or cumbersome platform construction.  Arguable the quickest, most efficient, and most economical way is to utilize rope access Read more

How Accurate is Your Inspection?

Just How Accurate Do You Think Your Industrial Safety Inspection Is? While many safety inspections of large structures simply involve surveying from ground level, these safety checks are far from accurate. Accessing tall structures like industrial chimneys & smokestacks is Read more

Industrial Chimney Lining Systems: What Should You Use?

Many industrial structures such as kilns, tanks, ducts, pipes, chimneys, and smokestacks, use lining systems to extend their life and to keep harmful gases and emissions from coming in contact with other parts of the structure.  Flue gases highly corrosive Read more

Scheduled Coal Plant Retirements Surge for the Next 5 years

Thanks to emerging EPA regulations on air quality, the demand for low cost natural gas, and the inefficiency of older units, many coal plants across the U.S. are facing retirement. In 2012 alone, over 175 coal-fired generators were mothballed. That Read more

The Importance of Safety Ladder Maintenance

Smokestacks and industrial chimneys are usually equipped with permanent vertical access ladders for workers to reach elevated work surfaces for inspection, repair, or maintenance.  These important components are subject to weather conditions and other stresses that can cause deterioration and Read more

The Importance of Regular Industrial Chimney Repair & Inspection

As the owner of an industrial factory or plant, you need to ensure that your chimneys & smokestacks are in good repair and in proper working order. If they aren’t working properly, they can and eventually will cause major hazards Read more

Why Should I Care About Carbon Steel Pipe Inspection?

Carbon steel is the most widely used material for piping systems and components in power plants, oil refineries and petrochemical plants, and many other types of industrial and manufacturing facilities. In fact carbon steel actually accounts for nearly 85% of Read more

What Does an Inspection for Industrial Chimneys & Smokestacks Involve?

Visit Industrial Access Inc.’s Main Site to Learn More about our Smokestack & Industrial Chimney Inspection capabilities. Industrial chimneys and smokestacks are subject to deterioration over time from factors such as temperature excursions, chemical attack, lightning strikes and wind loading. Read more

What is SPRAT Certification & Why is It Important?

The development of rope access for industrial services like structural inspections, factory chimney repair, and smokestack painting has not only increased safety standards  for the technicians working at height, it also provides a cost-effective way for companies to deal with Read more

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