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What is SPRAT Certification & Why is It Important?

SPRATThe development of rope access for industrial services like structural inspections, factory chimney repair, and smokestack painting has not only increased safety standards  for the technicians working at height, it also provides a cost-effective way for companies to deal with repairs and inspections on their factories and plants. For businesses that offer industrial services, having technicians that are SPRAT certified will provide instant recognition and credibility for high safety standards, affordable prices, and quick response times. If you’ve never heard of SPRAT certification, here’s a little background to what it is and why it’s important.

The Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT) is an organization that is dedicated to advancing the safe use of rope access through education, developing standards, and administering certifications for companies who utilize industrial rope access techniques. SPRAT sets rigorous standards for technician training and evaluation to ensure that each individual is fully prepared for performing work at height safely and efficiently.

There are three levels of certification available. Here are the definitions of each level according to www.SPRAT.org:

Level I Technician: (Rope Access Worker) An individual who performs rope access work. A Level I Technician may only work under the direct, on-site supervision Rope Accessof a Rope Access Lead Technician or Supervisor.

Level II Technician: (Rope Access Lead Technician): An individual who is responsible for physically conducting rope access operations and/or safety evaluations of rope access operations, including maintenance of associated access equipment and performs all Rope Access Lead Technician duties as assigned in the employer’s rope access work program.

Level III Technician: (Rope Access Supervisor): An individual who is responsible for the overall rope access work site and performs all Rope Access Supervisor duties as assigned in the employer’s rope access work program.

The certification process is designed to establish baseline knowledge & skills related to rope access such as assembling knots and equipment, maintaining a 1, 2 or 4 rope system, ascending & descending structures, and consistently following all safety procedures. Every technician must complete & pass a written exam and field evaluation to gain certification.

Since SPRAT is constantly working to improve rope access standards & industry practices, each certification is only valid for 3 years which means every tech, no matter what level technician they are, must get recertified every 36 months. This ensures that every SPRAT certified technician will be on top of best rope access practices & safety standards, giving companies who hire them peace of mind and confidence in their abilities. In fact, most companies that hire rope access services for maintenance, repair, inspection, etc. look for the SPRAT certification, because they realize SPRAT offers the industry’s best in technical achievement for all rope access applications.

If you find that your plant, factory, or industrial building is in need of painting, repair, or inspection, turn to the SPRAT certified pros of Industrial Access, Inc. We make sure that work is performed safely, quickly to avoid factory downtime, and in a cost-effective manner to save the company money. Contact us today for more information on what services and applications we can provide with rope access.

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