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Rope Access Frequently Asked Questions

For many of our industrial services, we utilize innovative rope access techniques that allow us to reach difficult locations without the use of scaffolding or aerial work platforms. Over the years, our team has fielded many questions regarding the benefits Read more

Industrial Chimney & Stack Corrosion Control

If your industrial chimney or smokestack is constructed with carbon steel, corrosion control should be a number one priority on your maintenance plan. For many years, internal corrosion did not pose a major issue for facilities, but new components that Read more

Rope Access for Special Jobs

Rope access is a great option when it comes to performing jobs at height or in difficult spaces. Where other methods such as scaffolding or heavy machinery require a lot of time, money & space, rope access provides a quick Read more

Industrial Chimney Concrete Damage – Causes & Solutions

When it comes to the construction of industrial chimneys & cooling towers, concrete is the most popular material used to build these structures. As with brick stacks and other masonry materials, concrete industrial chimneys require regular maintenance and observation to Read more

Aviation Warning Light Systems: What You Need to Know

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) have regulations & set recommendations for the installation of aviation warning light systems on tall structures. Any structure that exceeds 200 ft about ground level is required to Read more

Hot Camera Inspections for Industrial Chimneys & Smokestacks

Staying up-to-date with your industrial chimney or smokestack maintenance program is extremely important, and this includes regular inspections. Inspections are necessary to confirm that your stack, emission system, and venting unit is operating safely and meeting all environmental regulations and Read more

Industrial Chimney Lining Systems

Industrial chimney liners are an important component of your plant’s venting & emission system. A proper liner will protect your chimney or stack from corrosion & high temperatures, plus it will provide long-lasting durability to reduce future maintenance costs. Nothing Read more

Safety & Benefits of Utilizing Rope Access

When it comes to working at height or in difficult to reach areas, nothing beats rope access for performing maintenance, repairs, or inspections. Rope access methods offer an extensive range of solutions for everything from construction to repairs, painting, cleaning, Read more

Industrial Demolition

Many people are familiar with demolition from dramatic video of spectacular implosions of buildings or other large structures.  They are impressive events…and the need highly specialized technical expertise and safety knowledge is very obvious even to the casual observer.  Whether Read more

Rope Access vs. Scaffolding

When it comes to high angle repairs or inspections, two main options can be considered; scaffolding or rope access. If your industrial chimneys, smokestacks, or plant towers & tall structures are in need of maintenance, you may wonder which option Read more

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