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Industrial Demolition

Industrial Chimney DemolitionMany people are familiar with demolition from dramatic video of spectacular implosions of buildings or other large structures.  They are impressive events…and the need highly specialized technical expertise and safety knowledge is very obvious even to the casual observer.  Whether accomplished by explosives or other means, toppling a large structure attracts attention.  While the noise and the dust of this type of a demolition can be spectacular, the day-to-day realities of demolition work are less dramatic but no less demanding.

The majority of plant demolition work can be accomplished while working from ground level, by use of heavy machinery used to break, tear, crush, chip, rip, shred and otherwise reduce structures to rubble and debris of a manageable size.  The materials are then handled appropriately whether bound for recycling or for proper disposal in a landfill.  During the process, measures must be taken to assure the safety of workers and surrounding structures and facilities.  Mitigation of dust, noise and potential site runoff (particularly any residual materials that could pose an environmental problem) are equally critical to a successful project outcome.

The demolition of any tall structure requires a more specialized approach.  In certain instances where space allows, these structures can be “felled” – essentially cut down one major step – or imploded by use of carefully placed, timed and sized explosive charges.  However in other locations, the need to limit vibration, and limited space due to their proximity to other structures, roads, property lines, utilities or waterways may dictate a more gradual demolition process.  Rope access techniques have been developed which offer a viable, cost-effective option for these types of demolition challenges.

Industrial Access, Inc. employs conventional, time-proven procedures that will allow efficient demolition where implosion or mass collapse are not feasible options.  Because we are highly experienced at attaining access to tight working areas, we bring specialized rigging techniques to demolition projects where close containment of debris is a must.

We can execute the demolition process while containing the debris within the chimney structure itself through careful planning and protective measures.  As the work proceeds, we take precautions to safely handle and control the materials that are removed.  This includes working at a measured pace, where we remove just enough material at one time to keep the process efficient, while keeping vibration levels under control.  Dust control techniques are used to minimize the amount of fugitive airborne dust that migrates away from the work area and potentially off-site to surrounding areas.

To find out more about our industrial demolition services, contact one of our rope access specialists at 877-277-7173 | (770) 370-7055 or info@www.industrialaccess.com.

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