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Safety & Benefits of Utilizing Rope Access

Rope Access TechniciansWhen it comes to working at height or in difficult to reach areas, nothing beats rope access for performing maintenance, repairs, or inspections. Rope access methods offer an extensive range of solutions for everything from construction to repairs, painting, cleaning, and plant or facility maintenance. Not to mention, rope access is the safest way to carry out many different types of high access tasks. In fact, thanks to the evolution of equipment & technique, rope access has seen the lowest incidence of accidents in the entire access industry.

Over the past few decades, it has become a well-established fact that rope access is the best choice for carrying out high angle maintenance tasks. Utilizing rope access for industrial maintenance & inspections allows service companies to deliver cost-effective and quick solutions that help facility owners save money & time. The primary advantages of rope access methods include being able to limit impact on plant production & downtime, to reduce or eliminate the need for heavy equipment, and to access high areas or tight quarters that would be impossible without scaffolding, rigging, or other big equipment.

Limited Impact on Plant Operation

Rope access requires much less time for setup and tear down compared to erecting scaffolding or bringing in heavy equipment. Technicians gain quick access to the problem at hand which ensures that downtime & outages are minimal. By removing operational & time constraints, rope access technicians can extend the time available to undertake work instead of needing to focus on construction and tear-down. When a plant is offline for repairs or maintenance, precious money is often wasted. Industrial Access understands that time is money, and our solutions are designed to save our clients time and reduce costs over many conventional access methods.

Reduce or Eliminate Need for Heavy Equipment

Rope access systems are unobtrusive and minimize the disruption at ground level which allows employees to carry on with their daily duties. The same cannot be said for scaffolding and heavy equipment. Erecting scaffolding to access high structures generally requires significant time commitments which can stall the completion of repairs. Heavy equipment is expensive and cumbersome and can be very disruptive to regular plant activities. Rope access requires fewer personnel and provides a quick and efficient means to perform maintenance compared to other traditional access methods. When you can eliminate time commitments for setup and tear-down and can minimize required budget by removing the need for heavy equipment, you come out with a cost-effective way to deal with necessary repairs & inspections.

Effective in Tight Quarters

Industrial Rope Access MaintenanceRope access can be used to access structures or areas that would not be possible to reach with other conventional access methods. Domed roofs, breaching ducts, the inside of industrial chimneys & smokestacks all require attention at some time or another. Rope access techniques are the perfect option for servicing these types of structures quickly & efficiently. Another advantage is that our low impact solutions can be implemented even in areas that have adjacent structures and buildings in close proximity to the work that requires attention. Unlike traditional scaffolding which requires significant ground space, rope access methods allow technicians to work from the top down, so reaching high angle tasks on structures in tight quarters is easily accomplished with rope access techniques.

Industrial Access is capable of utilizing rope access methods to complete a wide range of industrial services including smokestack repair, industrial chimney inspection, stack painting & coating, safety standby, demolition, and cleaning & maintenance. If you’d like to learn more about our rope access capabilities, call us today at 877-277-7173 | (770) 370-7055.

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