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Industrial Chimney & Stack Corrosion Control

Industrial Chimney Corrosion ControlIf your industrial chimney or smokestack is constructed with carbon steel, corrosion control should be a number one priority on your maintenance plan. For many years, internal corrosion did not pose a major issue for facilities, but new components that have been introduced in the recent years have been causing aggressive corrosion in stacks worldwide. Increased sulfur in fuel, alternative fuel sources, and efficiency filters have all contributed to the corrosion problems we commonly see.

Since most industrial chimneys are already exposed to combustion gases, moisture, and acidic compounds, keeping up with the condition of your stack is extremely important. In many cases, excessive corrosion inside the flue of a stack can be quite detrimental. After 4 or 5 years of uncontrolled corrosion, an industrial chimney can face wall thickness loss, causing the structure to become unsafe.

Whether you are building a brand new industrial chimney or refurbishing an existing stack, corrosion control solutions should be put in place. When considering the cost of building a new stack or repairing one, corrosion control options such as a protective coatings or chimney liner systems are very cost effective and can add years to the useful life of the structure. Plus, it will help prevent future expensive maintenance and repair that comes with fixing severely corroded stacks.

Protective Coatings

There are quite a few types of corrosion protection coatings to choose from. Most are designed to withstand high temperatures, aggressive chemical attacks, or high degrees of abrasion. Our experts are able to help determine the best type of protective coating that will suit the needs of your facility and the type of production done on site. It’s critical to choose a corrosion protection coating that will withstand the unique conditions of your facility and surrounding environment, which is why we suggest speaking with one of our highly skilled engineers and project managers.

rope access chimney repair

One of our Rope Access techs examining the corrosion damage inside of a metal chimney stack.

Liners & Lining Systems

Industrial chimney liners offer unparalleled corrosion resistance that will increase the durability of your structure. Properly installed & maintained liner systems provide reduced energy costs, less maintenance requirements, and protection from harmful emissions & gases which can speed up stack corrosion. An industrial liner also provides thermal resistance and is considered to be a great, economical solution for corrosion control. Choose from Borosilicate Block liners, Gunite Refractory liners, refractory brick liners, or vinyl ester resin liners. Our rope access specialists are able to install or retrofit a lining system into your facility’s stack or chimney to help prevent the damage of severe corrosion.

If you’d like to find out more about corrosion protection and control, speak with one of our industry experts at 877-277-7173 | (770) 370-7055.

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