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Rope Access Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of Using Rope AccessFor many of our industrial services, we utilize innovative rope access techniques that allow us to reach difficult locations without the use of scaffolding or aerial work platforms. Over the years, our team has fielded many questions regarding the benefits & applications of rope access compared to other methods, so we put together a “FAQs” article to answers these commonly asked questions.

1) What exactly is rope access?

Rope access is a technique for industrial service that utilizes ropes and special equipment to allow workers to access hard-to-reach locations safely, quickly, and conveniently. Rope access technicians descend, ascend, and traverse ropes for access and work while suspended by their harness. Rigging equipment is usually set up at the top of a structure or industrial chimney, and workers then abseil down the outside of the structure to perform inspections, repairs, or structural testing.

2) What can rope access be used for?

Rope access methods are extremely versatile and can be used to provide a variety of solutions such as visual & photo inspections, maintenance, painting, systems installations, and more. The most common uses for rope access include building & structure inspections, surveying, maintenance, & construction on bridges, towers, dams, wind turbines, industrial chimneys & stacks, tanks & silos, vessels, and buildings. Certified rope access technicians can also use specialized procedures for welding, cutting & heavy material handling.

3) What are the benefits of rope access?

Unlike many traditional access methods including scaffolding & heavy machinery, rope access methods are versatile, cost-effective, efficient & quick, extremely safe, and even environmentally friendly.

  • Versatile Accessibility: Industrial Access is able to develop solutions for structures, industrial concrete chimneys, steel smokestacks, ductwork, bridges or dams utilizing less manpower, time, scaffolding and heavy machinery than traditional access methods. Reaching difficult spaces or tight locations may be expensive and time consuming using other methods, but rope access techniques provide a quick & safe way to reach these work areas.
  • Cost Effective: By reducing material and labor costs, we save clients time and money. The ongoing rental fees and repetitive labor tasks required to erect, move and remove scaffolding are eliminated. Fewer personnel can accomplish tasks faster which means minimal downtime & lower overall costs.
  • Fast: Rope Access allows us the ability to gain access to any part of your building using minimal time, space, and equipment. This keeps overall job time down, contributing to cost efficiency. Plus, rope access systems are installed & dismantled quickly which means there will be less interference with other facility operations.
  • Rope Access Industrial ServicesMinimal environmental impact: Our specialized ropes, techniques, and equipment allow our service crew to finish your chimney job with minimal environmental impact. All of the rope access techniques and equipment we use has a minimal effect on the surrounding environment compared to traditional access methods. We have also developed specialized techniques for the removal, containment and disposal of waste materials that meet all environmental guidelines as well as good construction practices. We keep noise, exhaust fumes, and heavy machinery to a minimum to be less disruptive to clients & facility neighbors.

If you have a project that requires access to tall structures or difficult-to-reach spaces, you should consider rope access services. Speak with any of our rope access professionals to find out how we can provide a quick & cost-effective solution for all of your industrial service needs.

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