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How Using Industrial Rope Access Technicians Can Improve Operational Efficiency

Rope Access Increases Operational EfficiencyWorking at heights or in confined spaces has always been high risk and challenging. The innovation of rope access techniques for industrial maintenance and repair has made high angle work safer and much more efficient, making it an extremely popular choice for many facilities. Gaining access to difficult to reach areas, creating a safety culture to protect workers and assets, and engineering customized solutions for projects are all important aspects of a rope access technician’s job.

We constantly talk about how much rope access has become a game-changer when it comes to performing maintenance, repairs, and inspections tasks on tall structures like industrial chimneys, smokestacks, towers & buildings. A range of sectors, from oil & gas to manufacturing, energy production, and processing, are all benefiting from the cost-effective, quick solutions that a rope access team can provide on tight time constraints. There are plenty of benefits that come with choosing a capable, experience rope access service company to complete your facility projects, and the following are just a few that will improve the operational efficiency of your project.

Rope Access is Versatile, Efficient, and Economical

Rope access allows crews to use less equipment & fewer workers to complete the same job as a company that uses lifts, cranes, or scaffolding. Plus, setting up and dismantling rope access rigging requires less time and effort. Technicians are able to quickly mobilize and work almost anywhere, whether it’s hundreds of feet in the air, above oceans or large bodies of water, or where rigs and turbines need calibration or repair tasks.

Rope Access Work Eliminates Risks

The industrial rope access technicians at Industrial Access, Inc. are highly trained and certified. Access and safety plans always include a detailed action response plan and emergency service rescue if need be. In fact, rope access techniques are the safest in the industry and have fewer incidents than crews that work on scaffolding or with heavy machinery. Unlike other at height techniques, rope access won’t endanger an entire site’s operations if there are problems.

The culture of safety that rope access teams create also takes into consideration operational site risks. Rope access work never happens in isolation and any work done may impact daily operations and other on-site workers. Rope access becomes a great choice since it can be completed quickly and often won’t greatly interfere with other activities and production tasks happening simultaneously.

The Rope Access Industry is Self-Regulating

While working at heights is always dangerous, scaffolding, cranes, and lifts pose serious hazards for workers, both trained and less experienced. The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) records nearly 50 falls every year. Rope access, on the other hand, has exceptional safety records and is truly the safest option for working at height. Most of the industrial standards come from IRATA which means there is not a huge compliance burden for companies, but rather the safety culture is created by the rope access crew and engineers.

Considering the impact on operational budgets & the desire and ability to reduce compliance risk, the scope of work rope access technicians can undertake will only increase as new innovations become available. Contact our rope access experts today to find out how we can help you with a customized solution to your high or restricted access projects. 

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