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Rope Access Inspections at Nuclear Facilities

Nuclear power plant rope access inspectionsNuclear power plants are designed & operated with extremely high standards that focus on reducing the release of radioactive materials. Every nuclear power station contains complex engineering structures and components that operate in demanding environments. Because nuclear power plants must adhere to strict and challenging requirements, regular inspections must be performed in order to assess the condition of reinforced concrete structures and metallic towers and chimneys found at these facilities.

Nuclear plant shutdowns of any kind are a significant cost to station owners due to the cost of work done AND the loss of production. Using rope access to perform regular inspections on nuclear facilities is a great way to minimize downtime and provide any necessary maintenance quickly and easily.  Providing access to all of the necessary components & structures during an inspection can be a key cost in the process of completing a plant shutdown. While temporary scaffolding, heavy machinery, and permanent entry points are all traditional means of access on these structures, rope access techniques will in most cases provide cost, time, and ease of access benefits of these other methods.

Beyond just saving time & money, the innovative rope access techniques employed by our engineers and technicians improve the quality and accuracy of a nuclear plant inspection. Technicians that are performing an inspection can easily access areas that are impossible to reach by other means. This ensures that every component and surface gets an up-close visual examination and Non-Destructive Testing can be performed on areas that normally wouldn’t be accessed with scaffolding.

Turbines, boilers, high-energy piping, nuclear lift rigs, transformers, and condensers are all subject to various operational and environmental stressor including pressure fluctuations, temperature variations, chemical attacks, and more. Steel containment surfaces and concrete safety-related structures can face degradation after years of use. A thorough inspection from an experienced rope access crew can ensure that your nuclear plant is operating safely, efficiently, and within regulations set out by federal agencies.

Industrial Access, Inc. provides inspection services, repair project planning & execution, and emergency maintenance for structures in nuclear power generation facilities. Our certified technicians perform any high angle or hard-to-reach tasks on industrial chimneys and smokestacks, ductwork and breaching ducts, and cooling towers, silos & tanks.  Our highly trained technicians provide effective solutions that are designed to meet the most demanding schedule requirements to minimize plant outages and downtime.

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