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The Movement Towards Rope Access for Industrial Maintenance and Repair

While rope access, which is using rigging & ropes as an alternative method to access locations at height, has grown to be a popular method of delivering industrial inspection & maintenance services in today’s markets, it has not been around in the industrial sector all that long. Ropes and even rigging equipment are not new technology but the method of utilizing these tools & techniques to access hard to reach locations quickly is quite new, at least in North America.

Over the last decade, rope access has proven that projects can be successfully completed quickly, safely, and with less equipment and manpower than traditional means of access. An increasing number of plant and facility managers are choosing rope access as an alternative, more cost-effective way to complete regular maintenance and emergency repair services. As business development grows across the nation, industries from power generation to manufacturing and even oil & gas are turning to rope access specialists for inspections, compliance, painting & coating projects, and more.

Rope access as an industry has exploded in popularity over the past 20 years. As project managers, engineers, facility managers, and superintendents become familiar with the benefits of rope access, previously inaccessible work locations or cost-prohibitive procedures can now be addressed in a practical way. There are three major benefits to choosing rope access as opposed to traditional means of access like scaffolding, cranes, or man-lifts.

First, companies can see immediate, substantial cost savings. Traditional scaffolding, helicopters, and heavy machinery require a significant budget in both material and time. It can takes days or weeks to erect scaffolding to a high location such as that of an industrial chimney cap or top of a smokestack or power plant cooling tower. Manpower and work hours can exponential increase the budget and once the work is completed, the scaffolding will need to be dismantled. This adds significant labor costs to even the smallest of projects. On the other hand, rope access eliminates these lag times with construction, set up, and dismantling, plus it requires less manpower and work hours to complete regular maintenance tasks, inspections, and repair projects.

The second major benefit of rope access is efficiency. Rope access allows technicians to set up, access, and complete jobs quickly, which ensures that scheduling can be significantly compressed. The cost-savings and expediency with project completion has made rope access an extremely attractive and popular solution for many typical maintenance tasks or specialized engineered projects.

The third benefit of choosing rope access is safety. Rope access reflects impressive safety standards in the industry. When referring to IRATA (www.irata.org), the international organization for rope access and safety statistics, the numbers for rope access are far below those of general construction or other methods of access. Each technician is highly trained & certified which means all work completed is done by real, safety professionals!

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