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Rotary Kilns

IA Bulk Materials is a complete ring management service contractor providing expert solutions to removing material buildup and blockages in rotary kilns. We implement routine maintenance solutions, such as Cardox blasting, Kiln Guns, and or mechanical equipment, to manage ring buildup and ensure minimal interruptions to operations. Regular buildup mitigation will eliminate forced shutdowns and maximize production efficiency with minimum amount of upkeep.

Air Cannons for Pulp & Paper Storage

Rotary kilns are pyro processing devices that raise the material to extremely high temperatures to create a product. This process is called calcination. The most popular materials processed via this method are cement, lime, refractories, metakaolin, titanium dioxide, alumina, vermiculite, and iron ore pellets.

How the process works

These kilns are cylindrical and rotate the materials inside around an axis. The kiln is slightly angled to ensure that all materials slide down and get incorporated into the mixing and stirring. The materials are fed into one side of the kiln, the heat source is provided on the opposite side. As materials heat up and move around the kiln, the heat is distributed evenly, and the materials go through pyroprocessing.

Sometimes there are gaps in the kiln that allows outside air inside. This can result in a dangerous collection of gases, so this should be fixed with a seal if it is detected.

Main Components of a Kiln

  • KILN SHELL – This piece is made from a rolled mild steel plate and is between 15 to 30 mm thick.

  • REFRACTORY LINING – This is an important component of kilns as it insulates the steel shell of the kiln from the high temperatures inside the kiln. This is a common area of the kiln that requires attention and repair, and Industrial Access Bulk Materials can assist with any issue encountered.

  • TIRES & ROLLERS – This piece is made up of a single annular steel casting that attaches to the kiln shell. It must fit tight, to support the kiln, but also allow movement for the heating process to properly occur, so it is important that this piece functions as it should.

  • DRIVE GEAR–This piece motors the kiln to turn as it should. While the motion is slow, it must be consistent.

  • INTERNAL HEAT EXCHANGERS –This piece of equipment ensures that the heat is evenly distributed and present throughout the entire inside of the kiln. This allows the process to run smoothly and efficiently.

Cardox blasting rotary kilnWhile several aspects of the kiln are important to maintaining for proper upkeep, ensuring that the kiln is regularly cleaned is also important. As this process heats the material and deals with liquified, thick materials such as cement, it’s important to clean it out for efficient functionality regularly. To effectively clean the kiln, methods such as Cardox blasting have proven to work well on stubborn build-up. At Industrial Access Bulk Material, we make this process easy for clients because we are certified to perform Cardox blasting from start to finish. Skip the middleman and call us today.

Whether you need regular maintenance on your kiln or clean-out of a blockage due to long use without cleaning, Industrial Access Bulk Material can help. We ensure minimal downtime and effective solutions because we know that time is money for your company. By using one or more of our clean-out methods, your company’s assets will be flowing as usual quickly after we start the process.

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