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Rope Access for Industrial Chimney Repairs

Rope access is a quick and cost-efficient solution for a number of industrial services. Because a rope access crew can set up quickly, complete projects with little to no downtime, and can perform tasks with less manpower and less heavy machinery, rope access is the perfect solution for industrial chimney repairs on tight maintenance budgets and deadlines. The engineers and rope access specialists of Industrial Access, Inc. provide a full range of repair services for industrial chimneys and stacks. From brick replacement to concrete repair, spalling repair, reinforcement, relining services, acid-resistant gunite liner application, coating & painting, demo and rebuilding services, count on us to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

As a necessary component of regular inspection and maintenance protocols, industrial chimney repair is unavoidable even in the best of circumstances. By using innovative rope access methods and equipment, we can setup and deploy quickly, reaching hard-to-access areas on industrial chimneys effectively. We work with all types of industrial chimneys, including brick, steel, stainless steel, concrete, and FRP industrial chimney structures.

From minor maintenance services to major, time-sensitive, Industrial access works to complete jobs with as little disruption and downtime as possible. Industrial chimney repair services include cleaning & painting industrial chimneys, installing or replacing lightning protection equipment, inspecting and repairing safety climbs and access ladders along with aviation warning light systems.

Industrial Chimney Structural Repairs

Our certified rope access technicians, innovative access methods, and effectively engineered solutions allow us to renovate, restore, and repair industrial chimneys. Our team performs inspections of industrial chimneys of all styles and heights for possible damages or deficiencies, accurately estimate repair or replacement costs. Our engineers will then design & execute a repair plan with time constraints and budget goals in mind.

Coating & Painting Services for Industrial Chimneys

From sandblasting to applying new protective coatings to industrial chimneys, the highly trained rope access crew of Industrial Access provides quality painting, coating, and refinishing for industrial chimney structures in a range of industries. The IA technicians work with specialized rope access equipment and a highly trained workforce to tackle high angle & high heat painting projects to keep your assets protected and well maintained.

Maintenance Repairs for Industrial Chimneys

Our trained & experienced rope access crew provides inspections & on site repairs for industrial chimneys that include hydroblasting/power washing, sandblasting, hydro-media blasting, and painting & refinishing, industrial chimney cap installation or replacement, exterior surface cleaning and more.

Industrial Chimney Liner Repairs

A good industrial chimney liner will improve performance, extend the life or your industrial chimney, and keep you in compliance with federal requirements. Industrial Access is able to install and repair lining systems for industrial chimneys. We have expert installers and provide custom engineered solutions for gunite refractory, borosilicate block, refractory brick, and vinyl ester resin lining system installation.

Industrial Chimney Lightning Protection & AWL System Repairs

When your industrial chimney requires bulb replacement, service, or repair for the lightning protection and aviation warning light system, IA is the team you can trust for quick and reliable service. From configuring lightning protection to mitigating the devastating effects lightning strikes which can cause structural damage, plus we install, maintain, and repair aviation warning lights on industrial chimneys.

If you are interested in our rope access repair services for industrial chimneys, contact our experts today.  877-277-7173 | (770) 370-7055 or info@industrialaccess.com .

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