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Heat-Recovery Steam Generators & Bypass Stacks

Heat-Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) are found in plants & facilities that use gas turbines, like chemical processing industries, or in Combined-Cycle power plants. HRSGs recover the heat from a hot gas stream produced by gas turbines, then turns that heat Read more

How Rope Access Can Save Energy Plants Millions

While you may have heard of rope access methods for industrial repair and construction, you may be unaware of just how much your manufacturing, material processing or energy plant could be saving by utilizing these innovative techniques. Rope access has Read more

Smokestack Scrubbers – What You Need to Know

Smokestack scrubbers are a relatively new component to industrial exhaust systems. Scrubber systems are used as air pollution control devices that remove harmful particles, gases, or chemical byproducts from industrial exhaust streams. While not found on many older industrial chimneys, Read more

The Importance of a Well-Maintained Industrial Chimney Cap

Our industrial chimney & smokestack experts often stress the importance of regular maintenance and repairs to ensure the safe & efficient operation of your stack and venting system. Beyond just scheduling a regular inspection & maintenance program, it’s important to Read more

Spalling on Concrete Smokestacks and Industrial Chimneys

As industrial maintenance, rope access professionals, we spend a lot of time with smokestacks & industrial chimneys. One of the most common issues we encounter is spalling on the surface of concrete chimneys. While spalling may seem like a small Read more

Converting From Coal to Natural Gas

With the increasingly strict EPA emission regulations, decreasing price of natural gas fuel, and ever-changing capacity needs, many coal-fired energy plants are considering making the switch from coal to natural gas. Compliance with new environmental regulations have forced power producers Read more

Clean Power Plan Will Have Major Impact on Coal Powered Plants

On August 3, 2015, the EPA introduced new standards that are meant to reduce carbon emissions from power plants across the nation called the Clean Power Plan. State-by-state targets for carbon emission reductions have been set, leaving many coal-run power Read more

What Causes an Industrial Chimney to Deteriorate?

The smokestack & venting system of an industrial facility is much more complex than most people think. Factory owners & managers generally understand the importance of regular plant maintenance, but industrial chimneys often don’t get serviced as often as they Read more

Choosing a Company for Industrial Chimney Painting & Coating

As an essential part of any factory or plant, an industrial chimney operates all day long venting harmful smoke & byproducts safely. Due to their height & design, industrial chimneys and smokestacks are vulnerable to elements that cause corrosion and Read more

Industrial Services for Petrochemical Plants

Over the last decade, petrochemical plants have not only increased in size, they have also increased in complexity. Depending on the petrochemicals produced, there are a number of different production methods used to create these end products, each with unique Read more

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