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Chicago IL Bulk Material – Storage Vessel Cleaning, Inspection, and Repair

Industrial Access Bulk Materials performs emergency service and routine maintenance on storage structures at factories, plants, and mills in Chicago IL, Evanston IL, Oak Lawn IL, Cicero IL, Des Plaines Il, and surrounding towns and communities.

At Industrial Access Bulk Materials, we pride ourselves as the leading rope access contractor in the U.S. that services silos. We look forward to working with any problem you may have, regardless of the complexity or size of the job. Serving Chicago, IL, and the surrounding area, we also offer several solutions to assist your company with any restricted bulk materials in structures. We are experienced in fixing minor or major issues but can also assist with routine maintenance to avoid larger issues down the road. We provide the highest quality of service in as little time as possible to save you downtime, and in return, money.

Industrial Access Bulk Materials Overview

We offer a wide variety of services catered to the exact need of each client. Whether the issue includes cement, lime, coal, grain, salt, clay, fly ash, or any other bulk material, we can customize a solution for you. Working primarily on structures such as silos, tanks, bins, and bunkers, approaches to the solution may differ. Given the challenges presented by these structures such as tight and small spaces, our expert team is trained in rope access techniques to solve even the most complex issues.


Using our advanced rope access techniques, we perform thorough and strategic inspections to ensure structures are up to code and safe. With time, the stability of structures may begin to deteriorate so it is important to monitor this. This process allows for increased safety for your employees but also for your company’s valuable assets.

silo cleanout Chicago, IL

Cleaning and Maintenance

We use many different methods to fix common issues that bulk material facilities may encounter. One advantage we have over the competition in the Chicago, IL area is our ability to perform Cardox CO2 blasts – an effective solution to dislodge built-up material on storage vessel walls. We also use tools such as bin whips, industrial shotguns, air cannons, and lances. Combining these methods with our expert rope access techniques results in a thorough cleanout for our clients.

Material buildup interrupted flow, and blockage of any severity are all issues we have several methods to approach. As bulk materials sit inside storage vessels, they can harden and get stuck, causing you to lose valuable company assets. Regular maintenance limits the occurrence and also limits the potential for severe bulk material clogging.

bulk material bulidup in Chicago IL


Industrial Access Bulk Materials provides innovative repair solutions for structures. We offer coating & painting, roof and linear repair, post-tensioning, composite fiber reinforcement, re-hooping, silo replacement, and demolition.

We understand the importance of little to no downtime to ensure the business runs smoothly, so we prioritize fast and quality work. No matter what bulk material needs your facility has, our team will help you return to normal. If you are in the Chicago, IL area and are experiencing these issues, do not hesitate to contact us to find out how Industrial Access can serve your facility.

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