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Bulk Storage Solutions

Silos, Bins, and vessels serve an important role for your company by holding your valuable assets. At Industrial Access Bulk Materials, we service all bins and vessels to ensure that none of your assets get stuck inside or result in the loss of company money. We work on both concrete and metal versions of these structures and have the skills and equipment to deal with any bulk material that is stuck in or on the structure.

Bin and Vessel Blockage needing cleanout

Bins are typically made of metal and feature a peaked roof and a funneled bottom. These structures are often found on farms and they typically store grain, corn, or soybeans. Bins are constructed two different ways and result in different flow types. The first type is designed in such a way that the materials follow a funnel flow down the bin, ensuring a continuous flow of materials. This type of flow lessens wear and tear on the bin walls as there is an empty center in the middle where the materials flow. The second type is designed for mass flow to occur. In this method, all of the material moves together, and the material is discharged from the bottom evenly. This allows for no wasted space inside the bin as well as a uniform flow rate which can be beneficial for production.

Vessels are another large storage container that may be found in a horizontal style and hold a variety of products. These storage containers are versatile and used for many different applications. Sometimes the term “vessel” is used to encompass large bulk material storage containers in general, as well. Regardless, this storage container also requires regular cleaning and attention to run at its max performance level.

Bin and Vessel Blockages

As is true with all storage units that hold bulk materials, managing the flow of your company’s assets in bins and vessels can be a challenge. The material in storage units develops strength as it sits and the pressure buildup can result in bridging which, if severe, can result in complete blockage in the flow of material. Bins and vessels are subject to this blockage, so they require regular maintenance and cleaning.

Industrial Access Bulk Materials provides several cleaning methods, and we can work with your company to determine the right maintenance plan or course of action for blockages. Air canons, for example, are a permanent fixture that is installed to the bin or vessel and shoots compressed air inside to dislodge any blockage that may be present. This method is a great option for company’s that seem to experience blockage more frequently due to weather conditions, type of material, or any other reason.

Whether you need regular maintenance or clean-out of a blockage, Industrial Access Bulk Material can help. We ensure minimal downtime because we know that time is money for your company. By using one or more of our clean-out methods, your company’s assets will be flowing as usual quickly after we start the process.

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