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Pulp & Paper Storage

In the pulp and paper industry, storage structures such as tanks and boilers are used occasionally; however, the most common storage structure used is a rotary kiln. Like any bulk material structure, some issues may come up every once in a while, and regular maintenance is highly encouraged. With rotary kilns, several specific issues may arise. If you’re experiencing any of the following issues, Industrial Access can help to determine the right course of action to get your kiln back to normal.

Air Cannons for Pulp & Paper StoragePotential Rotary Kiln Issues

Ring Formation

This is a very common issue that commercial kilns experience. It refers to a buildup that occurs and builds on the kiln’s interior walls. This can cause severe blockage and can accumulate and get worse if neglected. Ring formation can also be avoided or lessened if regular maintenance is kept up with as the buildup is composed of built-up, dried material. Another potential way to avoid future buildup is to monitor the temperature closely.


If the flow is obstructed and ring formation is ruled out, there is a good chance you’re experiencing sticking in your rotary kiln. There are many causes for this to occur, and the best way to avoid it is to keep up with regular maintenance. However, there may be other factors contributing to the sticking such as kiln speed or temperature and the level of agitation. If the problem persists, Industrial Access can perform a service to dislodge buildup and get your material flowing again.

Mechanical Wear on Refractory

As with any piece of equipment, with wear comes the sign of age and less optimal performance. Refractory pieces tend to show wear quicker if cycling (the shutdown and startup of the kiln) and the material used is not considered. Taking into consideration the use and chemical makeup of the material used can assist in elongating the life of your equipment and avoiding issues.


Since kilns are moving and rotating every time it is operated, there is potential for misalignment. To avoid serious issues, it’s important to realign kilns after any major repair work.

Rotary Kiln damaged and needs repair

Potential Solutions

Cardox Blasting

Cardox blasting utilizes controlled blasting that breaks up and loosens material that may be causing a blockage inside a storage vessel.

Bin Whipping

Powered by compressed air, Bin Whips allow for a variety of whips and cutting-edge motions to knock off stuck or built-up material inside of a storage vessel.

Air Cannons

Permanent fixtures installed on a storage vessel that shoot compressed air into storage vessels to knock off the buildup.

While every situation is unique when it comes to storage unit complications, the above are a few popular methods that we use. Any of the methods can be paired with our rope access techniques which allows for a thorough cleanout. Regardless of your issue or situation, Industrial Access can come up with a personalized approach that is just right for your company.

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