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Silo Clean Out

Cleaning For Severe Silo Blockages and Flow Issues

IA Bulk Materials is trained and equipped to handle silo buildup, flow issues, and blockages of any volume and severity. In storage silos and tanks, bulk material that stands too long can gradually harden and get stuck inside the structure. This results in a loss of valuable company assets.

Our team works with any facility regardless of industry. We have experience working with grain, cement, lime, coal, salt, clay, fly ash or other agricultural materials.

The IA Bulk technicians are confined-space certified and trained in safety standby and hole watch. We work on concrete, steel, stave, corrugated, round, square, rectangle, divided, and segmented vessels and silos.

No matter the material or structure, IA Bulk can help with blocked bulk material in an efficient and timely manner.

Severe Silo Blockages and Flow Issues

No issue is too severe for us to handle. Unlike other contractors, our team has never walked away from an unfinished cleaning project. Regardless of the situation, we have all the necessary cutting-edge capabilities and unlimited resources to retrieve your product. We will ensure your structure is back to its full storage capacity in no time.

We are fully licensed and trained to handle explosives, when necessary, in the most severe situations. In addition, our specialty access capabilities enable our team to safely and efficiently enter the silo structure and administer cleaning solutions with maximized precision and effectiveness.

silo cleaning

Silo Cleaning Applications

To solve flow issues, we utilize several different methods to get you back up and running as usual. IA Bulk mobilizes on-site to visually assess the structure and quantify the location and type of flow or blockage issues. We then determine the best material and application for removal.

Below are a few approaches we utilize:

Cardox Blasting

Holes are drilled through the silo’s wall to place the Cardox tubes. The Cardox system loosens and breaks up the congealed material.

Bin Whip

This popular cleaning solution is done by lowering a bin whip down into the vessel, silo, or bin that holds dry bulk material from the top opening. The bin whip is powered by compressed air, allowing for a variety of whips and cutting-edge motions to knock off stuck or built-up material throughout the entire structure. 

Industrial Shotguns

Commonly used in kiln structures, this method uses industrial grade shotgun blasts to break up compacted material.

Rope Access Methods

Sometimes structures are compact or have hard-to-reach areas. Our team utilizes rope access methods to reach these areas and complete the most thorough cleaning possible.

clogged silo that needs cleaning

cardox blasting for silo soybean

silo cleaning using Cardox CO2 blasting devices

Customized Clean-Out Plans

Depending on what issue your facility is experiencing, you may need a mix of methods to adequately clean out the structure. Funneling, ratholing, plugging, doming, bridging, caking, wall buildup, and scaling are all issues that can affect storage silos. Our engineers will evaluate your facilities’ issue and create a customized clean-out plan that is tailored to your specific structure and material needs.

Need Assistance At Your Facility?

Contact our expert team of silo cleaners at Industrial Access Bulk Material at 770-501-7361. You can also click here to fill out a contact form and get started.

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