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Agricultural, Grain, Cement, Salt, Ash & Lime Silo Cleaning – Bin Whip Silo Cleaning

Industrial Access sets itself apart by offering an all-encompassing array of services dedicated to any industry handling bulk materials like cement, lime, coal, grain, salt, clay, fly ash and many others. We have the expertise to provide cleaning, inspection, repair and maintenance services to any bulk material storage structure, such as silos, tanks, bins and bunkers. Working in confined spaces with difficult access poses unique challenges; fortunately, we are the leading rope access contractor in the U.S. that delivers reliable silo services to storage facilities across the nation. Our teams of expert engineers and trained technicians are prepared to handle any issue when it comes to bulk material structures at your facility.

bulk material cleaning in the United StatesCleaning & Maintenance

We are trained and equipped to handle buildup, flow issues and blockages of any volume and severity. In storage silos and tanks, bulk material that stands too long can gradually harden and get stuck inside the structure, losing your company’s assets. An absence of regular maintenance can increase the risk of severe bulk material clogging, so it is recommended to inspect and clean the structure regularly to avoid costly repairs.

Do keep in mind, however: no issue is too severe for us to handle. Unlike other contractors, our team has never walked away from an unfinished cleaning project. Regardless of the situation, we have all the necessary cutting-edge capabilities and unlimited resources to retrieve your product and return your structure to its full storage capacity. In order to solve flow issues, we can utilize Cardox CO2 blasting devices, expert equipment and machinery, such as pneumatic whips, industrial shotguns and more. We are fully licensed and trained to handle explosives when necessary in the most severe situations. In addition, our innovative rope access capabilities enable our team to safely and efficiently enter the structure and administer cleaning solutions with maximized precision and effectiveness.


We provide strategic yet thorough inspections designed to evaluate the condition of your structure using any methods that would benefit your facility the most. We will develop a personalized plan that may include visual inspection techniques, drone inspection and non-destructive testing. Our rope access team, engineers and project managers can identify any hazards and prepare a mitigation plan to decrease and eliminate threats to both your resources and workers’ safety.

Most of the silos used across the nation date back 40-50 years or more. Silo failures and collapses happen every year, endangering plant workers and costing facilities their resources. Naturally, regular inspections are crucial in ensuring consistent safety and structural integrity of a silo or vessel. These structures are susceptible to structural deficiencies and environmental damage which may lead to a loss of assets or even to a full structure collapse. The earlier you learn about present anomalies and risks, the lower the likelihood of extensive—and expensive—future repairs. Our team can develop a strategic plan for regular inspections in your plant which will allow us to identify any needs for preventive maintenance early on, enabling your facility to always be one step ahead.

cement & lime bulk material cleaning


Industrial Access has decades of experience in delivering innovative repair solutions to structures in the industrial sector. When it comes to silos, tanks, bins and bunkers, we provide services that include:

  • Specialized coating & painting
  • Roof repair
  • Liner repair
  • Post-tensioning
  • Composite fiber reinforcement
  • Re-hooping
  • Silo replacement
  • Demolition

Whether your structure is experiencing cracking, deterioration, partial collapse, full collapse or other structural failures, we can help. Our team will take your unique needs into consideration and develop custom repair solutions to maximize your structure’s integrity and longevity.

Do not hesitate to contact us to find out how Industrial Access can serve your facility. We understand the need for little to no down time to ensure that production schedules and goals are met. No matter what bulk material needs your facility has, our team is always ready to help.

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