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Tall Structure Access | Kemper County Meridian MS

Facilities, plants & mills across the southeastern US, including Meridian MS, Baton Rouge LA, Starkville MS, Mobile AL, De Kalb MS, Jackson MS, Gulfport MS, Pensacola FL, Birmingham AL, and Vicksburg MS count on Industrial Access, Inc. for reliable and cost-effective solutions for tall structures like bridges, dams, towers, and more.

Industrial Access Inc. / Meridian - Kemper County MS Office
2440 N Hills St Ste 105, Meridian, MS 39305 • (601) 621-4272

Tall Structure Rope Access Repair

Tall Structure Rope Access Meridian MS Kemper County

By combining our rope access methods with the expertise of our steeplejacks and expertly trained technicians, we are able to offer effective solutions for tall structure repair and maintenance. Energy plants, manufacturing facilities, transportation companies, broadcasting facilities, petrochemical plants, food & beverage producers, oil & gas facilities, and refineries all have large structures that will eventually require maintenance, inspections, or repairs.

From bridges to dams to lighthouses, lightning protection systems on skyscrapers, and radio towers, Industrial Access, Inc. has the experience and capabilities to provide repair, maintenance, inspection, NDT testing services and more. Industrial chimneys, smokestacks, suspension bridges, marine stacks and large buildings are all included in our capabilities. Industrial Access, Inc. Kemper County Meridian MS Rope Access Division exemplifies what can be achieved by adopting a modern safety management system. 


Bridge & Dam Maintenance with Rope Access

Bridge Repair Rope Access Kemper County Meridian MS

Due to the sheer height and design of bridges and dams, accessing these structures proves to be a challenge for most traditional means of access. Our rope access crew can quickly mobilize and complete projects that include inspection and maintenance services, non-destructive testing, emergency repairs, structural integrity assessments, rigging & lifting and even demolition.

Our innovative, efficient rope access methods provide a cost-effective solution for work on bridges while minimizing lane and track closures. The steep design of a dam or spillway often makes it impossible for the structure to be walked on, which means access for maintenance and repair requires a specialized team. Utilizing innovative rope access methods, our crew can safely inspect and repair these structures without expensive heavy equipment.

Radio Tower & Large Building Maintenance

Tall Building Maintenance in Kemper County Meridian MS

Large structures, domed roofs, lighthouses, church steeples, radio towers, and stadiums may require maintenance in hard-to-reach areas. Instead of breaking your expense budget by bringing in heavy machinery or a scaffolding crew, consider a certified rope access team. Our Kemper County Meridian MS Rope Access Division offers inspections, repair services, and structural testing on components of these structures that are hard to access by traditional means. We work together with facility owners to save time, money, and hassle by utilizing rope access techniques in all of our maintenance projects. Here are a few of the services you can count on IA for:

  • Climbing inspections
  • Industrial rope access
  • Hardware installation
  • Renovation
  • Spot welding
  • Structural repairs



Serving the southeastern US, including Meridian MS, Baton Rouge LA, Starkville MS, Mobile AL, De Kalb MS, Jackson MS, Gulfport MS, Pensacola FL, Birmingham AL, and Vicksburg MS, Industrial Access Kemper County MS Division provides Tall Structure maintenance, inspection, and repair services.

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