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Silo Maintenance | Los Angeles Rope Access | Vessels

Agricultural facilities, petrochemical plants, and other factories trust in Industrial Access, Inc. for Silo & Vessel maintenance, repair, and cleaning services in Los Angeles CA area, including San Bernadino CA, San Fernando CA, Fullerton CA, Riverside CA, Pomona CA, Glendale CA, Pasadena CA, Moreno Valley CA, Lancaster CA, Burbank CA, West Covina CA, Oxnard CA, and Long Beach CA.

Industrial Access Inc. / Los Angeles Office
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Silo & Storage Vessel Services

Silo Cleaning & Maintenance Los Angeles CA

Clients from a number of industries may have vessels or silos onsite. Industrial Access, Inc. Los Angeles Rope Access Division provides cleaning, maintenance, repair services, coating & painting and structural assessments for stacks, silos, and process vessels.

Our team of certified and trained rope access technicians performs advanced inspection and repair services, identifying defects and vulnerabilities within these industrial structures.

Our expert engineers and project managers will help design a custom service plan and implement solutions that are cost-effective, quick, and minimally invasive in daily operations.  



Vessel Coatings & Lining

Tank liners and coatings - Los Angeles CAWater & storage vessels are subject to deterioration and corrosion. Industrial Access, Inc. provides cleaning services & inspections, plus lining & coating services for industrial vessels, water towers, and more. We proudly offer Tnemec’s full line of protective coatings for tank lining installations, which are the best on the market and highly regarded in the industry.

Of the more than one million water storage tanks in America, three out of every four utilize Tnemec coatings. Storage vessels face a number of adverse conditions and since Tnemec protective coatings & liners offer outstanding corrosion protection and long service life, many companies prefer this brand.


Rope Access Silo Services

Silo cleaning and repair - los angeles caUsing our innovative rope access techniques for reaching these high structures, our team can quickly handle silo cleaning, repairs, inspections and emergency services for clay, coal, lime, fly ash, foundry, sand, soda ash, plastic, cement, salt, grain, clinker, gypsum, and borax silos.

Rope access allows us to offer economical pricing and a safe environment for project work, keeping your storage silos up to code and structurally intact. From cleaning and clearing blockages, to inspections and repairs, our rope access techniques help us deliver cost effective solutions for industrial silo needs.


Serving Los Angeles CA, San Bernadino CA, San Fernando CA, Fullerton CA, Riverside CA, Pomona CA, Glendale CA, Pasadena CA, Moreno Valley CA, Lancaster CA, Burbank CA, West Covina, Industrial Access, Inc. has the capabilities and expertise to handle all of your stack, silo, and process vessel maintenance & repair needs.

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