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NonDestructive Testing | Kemper County Meridian MS

Industrial Access, Inc. offers rope access NDT testing services for Meridian MS, Vicksburg MS, Gulfport MS, Mobile AL, Pensacola FL, Jackson MS, De Kalb MS, Birmingham AL, Baton Rouge LA, and Starkville MS.

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Non-Destructive Testing Kemper County

Structural Testing via Rope Access in Kemper County Meridian MS

During regular inspections, it may be advised to have non-destructive testing performed on industrial structures like chimneys & smokestacks. Because these structures are often subject to extreme conditions, temperature excursions, and environmental factors that can lead to deterioration, cracks, spalling, it’s important to have non-destructive testing performed periodically to determine structural integrity.

Using rope access methods to reach hard-to-access structures, our crew is able to perform a number of different non-destructive testing methods from Ultrasonic Thickness Testing to Laser Surveys and more.

Non-destructive tests can be performed to quickly and easily identify vulnerabilities in the internal and external components of a structure.


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Non Destructive Testing Services in Meridian MS

The Kemper County Division of Industrial Access, Inc. in Meridian MS uses non-destructive testing methods for evaluating materials, components or assemblies for discontinuities, or differences in characteristics without destroying the serviceability of the structure.

Our crew will use these tests to establish baseline measurements to compare subsequent periodic readings of a structure’s characteristics, including material’s surface hardness, density, thickness and temperature.  If vulnerabilities or changes are noted in subsequent inspections, a repair plan or project may be recommended to ensure the integrity of the structure.

Non-Destructive Testing Methods

Structural integrity can be determined by the following NDT methods employed by our rope access professionals:

Structural Testing / NDT near Kemper County MS

  • Laser Surveys - Our crew uses laser surveys to measure the distance, angle, and physical characteristics of a structure to determine if any deviations have developed over the course of its operation, then compares the current measurements with the original construction measurements to identify any variances.
  • Schmidt Hammer Testing - This test is also known as the Rebound Hammer test, estimates the strength of concrete based on surface hardness and resistance to penetration.
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Testing - UT testing lets our crew determine the relative thickness of a material at various intervals to identify areas that may be thinning or deteriorating.
  • Hot Camera Inspections - Hot camera inspections are popular for many reasons because they allow our technicians to view the inside of a chimney or stack while it is still online to identify and detect large deficiencies or leaks.
  • Infrared Thermography - IT allows our crew to measure differences in surface temperature at various coordinates on the structure to identify missing or damaged refractory holes, cracks, or leaks, along with failing expansion joints, gaskets or valves.

Since non-destructive tests are comparatively inexpensive, efficient, and require little to no facility outages, they have become a popular choice for testing structural integrity.

IA Meridian Rope Access Division provides Non-Destructive Testing and Structural Assessments for Meridian MS, Vicksburg MS, Gulfport MS, Mobile AL, Pensacola FL, Jackson MS, De Kalb MS, Birmingham AL, Baton Rouge LA, and Starkville MS..

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