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Silo Plate Repair & Silo Maintenance with Rope Access

Silo Corrosion RepairAs with other large industrial structures, silos can pose access issues due to size and shape making it a difficult task to perform maintenance and repairs. Luckily, rope access has provided the industry with a safe, effective, and quick way to carry out planned and unplanned silo-site maintenance projects. It’s inevitable that your silo will eventually require some type of cleaning, repair or welding, so it’s a good idea to have a qualified, certified, and experienced rope access company in your contacts. From silo cleaning and blockage removal to silo plate repair and corrosion control, Industrial Access can offer your company a speedy solution that will keep maintenance budgets at a minimum.

Environmental factors like rain & snow and regular freeze-thaw cycles can cause corrosion on the steel that a silo is constructed with. Over time, rust will eat away at the steel, causing wall defects that can lead to water damage, leaks, and ruined product & hygiene issues. Our rope access crew can cut and weld on a new silo plate in order to cover holes, even at high angle locations. By rigging our crew with ropes to the top of the structure or on a portable rigging system put in place by a crane, we can quickly mobilize and repair these defects with little interruption to daily activities.

In some cases, hot works are restricted which would make cutting and welding a new plate not applicable. In these cases, silo plates can be bonded in place and our crew can smooth out the edges to create a flat surface. To prevent future corrosion issues, our rope access team can also apply protective coatings. By grit blasting than using a protective coating application, we can help extend the life of your silo and help prevent damaging corrosion.

Our high level access work will also facilitate cleaning, roof cleaning, silo inspections from top to bottom, confined space entry, debris clearing, and repair and refurbishment of concrete, steel, fiberglass, and corrugated steel components.

Is rope access silo maintenance worth it? Absolutely! Airborne contaminants, pollution and environmental conditions all gradually help to degrade a silo’s external coating which will ultimately result in corrosion of the substrate. With regular inspections and cleaning, your storage silos more aesthetically pleasing to your customers, plus remedial work found during an inspection can be carried out immediately, minimizing the risk of ingress of water to your product and reducing the spread of any corrosion.

Contact our rope access professionals today to find out how you can benefit from our silo plate repair and maintenance programs that utilize affordable techniques to quickly handle your silo projects on budget.

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