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Brick Liners: What We Look for during an Inspection

Liner systems are an important component of any industrial chimney or smokestack. Most brick-lined chimneys were designed to operate as natural draft convection chimneys. High temperature differentials between the flue gases and the ambient air help to create a strong Read more

Accomplishing Facility Goals with Rope Access Methods

Facility managers in many industries are discovering the benefits of utilizing rope access for maintenance and service projects. Industrial rope access can prove to be more affordable, quicker, safer, and more versatile than other traditional means of work access. While Read more

Sulfur Recovery Unit Liners: The Importance of Quality Materials

Sulfur is present in a great number of raw industrial gases, including natural gas. Using a sulfur recovery system during the processing of natural gas and refining of high-sulfur crude oil allows us to capture the hydrogen sulfide byproduct that Read more

Rope Access: The Easiest Solution for the Toughest Maintenance

The creation of rope access techniques has revolutionized industrial maintenance and inspection services. Rope access applications apply to literally hundreds of industries, job tasks, and environments, making it a great solution for a broad range of needs. From power generating Read more

Is Rigging Work & Rope Access the Same Thing?

The Industrial Access project managers often get asked whether rigging work is the same thing as rope access work. While both rigging and rope access work are often used to complete jobs at height or in tight quarters, the capabilities Read more

Choosing Rope Access over Scaffolding for Building Surveys

A building survey is often the first step necessary before performing any type of building repair work. When completed accurately, the cost of a building survey is invaluable. It will help determine and identify the nature of work needed before Read more

Preventative Maintenance for Pulp & Paper Mills

Preventative maintenance is important in every industrial plant or factory, but it’s especially important for pulp and paper mills. Pulp & paper mills are susceptible to harsh environments that produce large amounts of dust and extreme heat. Preventative maintenance can Read more

Hydroblasting Solutions for Industrial Chimneys, Stacks, & Towers

Hydroblasting, also known as Ultra-High-Pressure (UHP) Washing, is an effective & eco-friendly method to remove dirt & contamination from industrial structures like chimneys, smokestacks, and cooling towers, without the use of sand, grit, or detergents. By using high powered water Read more

Rope Access is More Than Simply Working at Height

Rope access is an innovative method for providing industrial services like smokestack repairs and chimney inspections. Developed in the early 90’s as a more effective way to perform maintenance on offshore vessels & rigs, rope access has recently made its Read more

Coal Gasification’s Biggest Project Ever – The Kemper County Energy Facility

Amid increased regulation that is strangling the traditional coal industry, a new hope is rising in Mississippi that may bring the shine back to coal in today’s clean energy landscape. Although Coal accounts for nearly 40% of our nation’s energy, Read more

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