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IA’s Commitment to Excellence

Being the “best in the business” takes more than just getting projects done on time and with significant cost savings. It also requires a serious commitment to excellence. To be recognized as industry leaders in industrial chimney & smokestack repair Read more

Offshore Oil & Gas Maintenance Solutions

Unlike plants and facilities inland, an offshore oil or gas operation requires specialized methods for construction, repair, and maintenance. In order to meet increasing demand, oil & gas producers are always on the search for innovative and more cost-effective ways Read more

Rope Access for Crane Inspection Services

Cranes are used in a wide range of industries, from off-shore drilling to construction and more. OSHA strictly regulates how cranes are designed and operated to ensure the safety of workers and the public. Because cranes are required to promote Read more

You Can’t Beat the Response Time of a Rope Access Maintenance Team

There are plenty of reasons your plant may require immediate, unplanned maintenance. From natural disasters that threaten the structural integrity of your industrial chimney to a collapsed stack to debris removal and more, any emergency situation that needs to be Read more

Common Forms & Causes of Industrial Chimney Degradation PT 2

There are a number of environmental conditions and operating conditions that can significantly affect the degradation of your smokestack or industrial chimney. During our last blog post, we discussed the common forms and causes of degradation to components like the Read more

Common Forms & Causes of Industrial Chimney Degradation PT 1

Industrial chimneys and smokestacks are generally exposed to severe environmental conditions like high wind loads, vibrations, chemical attack, high operating temperatures, rapid heating and cooling, and hot & cold extremes due to change in seasons & weather. These environmental conditions Read more

What are Dropped Object Surveys & Are They Necessary?

Dropped objects awareness is extremely important, especially in the oil, gas, and drilling industries. Because dropped objects are responsible for numerous injuries and fatalities in these industries, performing inspections & prevention management is a critical component for any safety maintenance Read more

Things to Know About the EPA’s New Rule for Oil Refineries

The EPA’s updated Clean Air Act standard is putting major burdens on power production and manufacturing plants across the US. While coal powered plants have been the most talked-about target, oil refineries are also under scrutiny. The Clean Air Act’s Read more

Site Planning & Inspections – Preparing for Industrial Chimney Inspections

Industrial chimney & smokestack inspections are a critical aspect of regular facility maintenance planning. A chimney system failure can force production to come to a standstill and even shut down an entire plant which is why regular inspections are recommended. Read more

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