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Rope Access Smokestack Inspection in Oklahoma

Location: OklahomaProject Manager: Evan Pitts Read more

Smokestack Liner & Cap Replacement Alabama

Location: AlabamaProject Manager: Evan PittsIA Technicians: Paul LeBlanc / Vince Humble Read more

Industrial Chimney Cap Replacement in Colorado

Location: ColoradoProject Manager: Evan Pitts Read more

Rope Access Dam Inspections

As infrastructure throughout the U.S. gets older, the concrete and steel materials used for construction begin to deteriorate from weather, usage, and other environmental factors. Detailed inspections become a critical task that takes high priority to ensure that structures like Read more

Updating an Existing Lightning Protection System

Lightning strikes to industrial chimneys, stacks and other tall structures are commonly considered inevitable.  Every year these structures take a beating from the weather, and few weather phenomena are more destructive than lightning.  Not only does a lightning strike affect Read more

Inspections for Steel and Alloy Stacks

At Industrial Access, we work on a number of different structures including quite a few industrial chimneys and smokestacks. Chimneys and stacks that are constructed from steel and alloy require specialized maintenance services that are specific to the nuances of Read more

Why Your Manufacturing Plant Should Be Energy Efficient

When domestic oil & gas prices are disrupted by events such as hurricanes and supply & demand cycles, costs for these fuels can increase rapidly creating a huge expense for manufacturing plants and facilities. The best way to avoid tying Read more

Benefits of Using Rope Access for Silo Maintenance & Cleaning

Silo maintenance provides many challenges for crews due to confined spaces, difficult access, and sheer structure height. The need for advanced techniques and innovative methods for silo maintenance, inspections, cleaning, painting, and repair has led to rope access solutions for Read more

Rope Access for Steel Plant Maintenance

Industrial Access serves a wide range of industries. Each facility or plant type requires specialized maintenance techniques that are designed to address the specific needs of the equipment, industrial chimney, smokestack or structures particular to the type of production. Steel Read more

Inspections of Industrial Chimney Appurtenances

During a thorough industrial chimney or smokestack inspection, appurtenances including access doors, access ladders, platforms, aviation warning light systems, breechings, lightning protection system, rainhoods, and chimney caps are examined. Although appurtenances may not directly affect the function of a stack Read more

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