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The Importance of Coating Inspections – A Critical Component of Asset Protection

Industrial coatings play a very important role in both protecting your assets from deterioration and also portraying a good image for your company’s brand. A poorly kept building, smokestack, tank, or industrial chimney can reflect badly on your brand image. Read more

Silo Plate Repair & Silo Maintenance with Rope Access

As with other large industrial structures, silos can pose access issues due to size and shape making it a difficult task to perform maintenance and repairs. Luckily, rope access has provided the industry with a safe, effective, and quick way Read more

Refinery & Petrochemical Applications for Rope Access Services

Petroleum refineries & petrochemical plants all offer challenges for maintenance and repair workers. The structures, piping, vessels and tanks that are critical components of these facilities can be hard to access and are often dangerous to work with since the Read more

Piping System Spring Can Maintenance

What is a “spring can”, and what does it have to do with pipe?   Simply put, a spring can is a device used in piping support systems that helps them to function properly under the stresses caused by variations in Read more

Hyperbolic Cooling Tower Maintenance with Rope Access

Hyperbolic cooling towers are a common structure found in oil refineries, petrochemical plants, chemical refineries, and thermal power stations. While cooling towers come in a range of sizes, from small roof-top units to more than 200 meters tall, hyperbolic (or Read more

Rope Access Inspections at Nuclear Facilities

Nuclear power plants are designed & operated with extremely high standards that focus on reducing the release of radioactive materials. Every nuclear power station contains complex engineering structures and components that operate in demanding environments. Because nuclear power plants must Read more

Smokestack Windscreen Repair in Georgia

Location: Georgia Project Manager: Gabe K. Read more

Windscreen Concrete Repairs in Georgia

Location: GeorgiaIA Technician: Tony W. Read more

Vessel Structural Repair in Alabama

Location: AlabamaProject Manager: Bob Reilly IA Technicians: Tommy Henderson / Vince Humble Read more

Industrial Chimney Cap Replacement in Ohio

Location: ColoradoIA Technicians: Tommy Henderson / Chip Carruth Read more

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