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The Importance of Coating Inspections – A Critical Component of Asset Protection

Industrial Chimney & smokestack painting servicesIndustrial coatings play a very important role in both protecting your assets from deterioration and also portraying a good image for your company’s brand. A poorly kept building, smokestack, tank, or industrial chimney can reflect badly on your brand image. For many industrial structures, coatings should be a required regular maintenance component.

Smokestacks, industrial chimneys, tanks & silos all contain a number of different layers from paint to pre-cast concrete, to EIFS and steel. In order to keep these structures in top condition, structurally sound, and efficient plant managers and facility owners should consider regular coating inspections and condition assessments.

What is a Coating Survey?

A coating survey, or condition assessment, is performed to gather information on how well the previous coating is performing, where there are vulnerabilities, and if any maintenance or repairs are required to prevent erosion, degradation, etc. A coating survey can predict future maintenance requirements and understand current or potential future problems. Our skilled team of rope access coating specialists can identify various areas on the structure that need attention sooner than later and make recommendations for repairs based on the order they will require attention, opposed to arbitrarily scheduling painting & coating services.

Coating Inspections – Why Are They Crucial?

Previously, many companies did not place a lot of importance on coating inspections and new applications, instead opting to spend budget on other repair projects. Recently, these attitudes have changed now that facility managers understand that preventing corrosion and degradation is less expensive than fixing these issues when they arrive down the road. Industrial chimneys, smokestacks, and tanks or silos all require protection from environmental factors and extended use. In order to keep these assets structurally sound and at top performance, coatings must be intact and effective. A coating inspection or survey can ensure that vulnerabilities are spotted and maintenance budgets are used only when necessary and only on areas that need attention.

Rope Access for Coating Surveys and Applications

Due to the sheer size and construction of industrial chimneys, smokestacks, tanks, and silos, rope access remains the most effective, quickest, and cost-conscious option to perform coating surveys and coating or painting applications. If your assets require painting or coating, our team will prep the surface of the structure, apply the best industrial coatings available, and refinish the surface of your structure to keep it attractive, safe from corrosion, and performing effectively.

Contact Industrial Access to schedule your regular coating survey and find out how we can keep costs down,  provide quick turnaround, and complete necessary tasks with little disruption to everyday operations.

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