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Air Lance Cleaning

If you’re experiencing a blockage in your silo, bin, or storage vessel that is causing lost or stuck valuable company assets, our air lance cleaning method may be an effective method to clear out the problem. An air lance also referred to as a power lance, is often used in conjunction with our [tag: bin whip] cleaning method. While the air lance works as a drill to break through a blockage, the bin whip can then go into the hole to further break up built-up material if necessary. However, an air lance can be effective by itself if the blockage is caught early.

Industrial Access Bulk Material can assist with any flow issue you may be experiencing in your silo, bin, or storage vessel. From air lance to bin whip, we will get your company back to operating at full speed and capacity. We prioritize quick and quality service while limiting downtime for your company to avoid any lost revenue.

expert air lance cleaning for storage vessels

How does an air lance work?

An air lance is an effective method if your silo, bin, or storage vessel is completely blocked. The air lance serves as a drill that can break through bridging that may occur inside of your storage vessel. Air lances are powered by compressed air and are remotely controlled. Drilling is performed from the bottom of the vessel, rather than the top, as it requires less power to complete the cleaning process this way. Drills can extend 120 feet high.

What are the benefits of the air lance cleaning method?

Works well with other cleaning methods

This method of cleaning is a valuable step in the cleaning process for other methods of cleaning if it can’t do the job on its own. Here at Industrial Access Bulk Material, we have the capabilities to perform a cleaning job from start to finish, even if it requires multiple methods and tools.


This method, like many of our other methods of cleaning, prioritizes safety for our workers, your factory, and the community. Air lancing allows for our workers to remotely control the compressed air-powered drill to ensure precision and safety. This method also allows our workers to stay outside of the silo, bin, or storage vessel which limits safety concerns.

If your company is experience silo, bin, bunker, or storage vessel blockage and is in need of cleaning or maintenance, Industrial Access Bulk Materials can help; no job is too big or complex for us. We will save you time, money, and downtime as we can complete every step of the process, from air lance to bin whip, or any other additional service your company may need.

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